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Rogue Hoe - 40F Field Hoe

Original price $52.00 - Original price $60.00
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$52.00 - $60.00
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This rugged 4″ wide field hoe will take care of large weeds, cut sprouts off of a stump, tear up sod, till your garden, or dig a trench. It is very popular with sugarbeet growers. The 4″ by 6″ head is sharpened on three sides and made from the same hardened steel as its big brother, the 70F, but is smaller to get closer to your plants. Many gardeners and home owners want a tool that will dig deep and go through tough soil–THIS IS IT! The head is glued and riveted onto the handle to increase its stability and longevity.  It is available on either the 1-3/8″ shaped Ash or the 1-1/4″ heavy-duty fiberglass handle in a variety of lengths for any terrain, including 42″, 48″, 54″, and 60″.
Handle Length: 42"
Handle Material: Ash