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Whelen Siren

by Whelen
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The Whelen 295SLSA1 siren features "Hands Free" allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road and access three siren tones and on/off through the vehicle horn on the steering wheel. Scan-Lock features lets you choose from 17 siren tones to preset during siren installation.


  • Selectable 100 or 200 Watt Output.
  • Hands-Free Operation Plus 17 Scan-Lock Siren Tones to Choose From.
  • User Selectable Siren Tones at Time of Installation Via A Momentary Switch Located on The Back of The Unit Secures Siren Tones For Agency Standardization.
  • Customize The Placement of Each Siren Tone on The Rotary Knob.
  • "Siren in Use" Icon Driver.
  • Faceplate Volume Control Knob.
  • Five (5)Year Warranty on Amplifier.
  • Two Manual Functions Allow For Additional Siren Tone Choices.
  • PTT (Push To Talk) Switch on Microphone Overrides All Siren Functions.
  • Combination On/Off & Horn Ring Transfer Switch.
  • Pre-Wired Unidirectional Microphone.
  • Adjustable Preset Radio Repeat Volume.
  • Input Polarity Protection.
  • Output Short Circuit Protection.
  • External Spade-Type Fuse.
  • Bi-Polarity Horn/Ring Control Activation.
  • "Aux Enable" Activates Siren Tones Via Input (Slide Switch, Power Controls or Relay-To-Ground Connection).
  • Quick Disconnect Plug For Ease of Service or Replacement.
  • SI TEST, Fully Diagnostic Silent Test of Amplifier And Speaker(S).
  • Adjustable Intensity Backlighting In Soft LED Non-Glare Green.
  • Adjustable Bail Bracket Allows The Mounting of The Siren In A Variety of Positions.
  • Complements All Whelen's Under Dash Products.
  • 2-1/2”(H) x 6”(W) x 7”(D)