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Sure-Seal ATV|UTV Drop Torch

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Designed for use with off-road vehicles, the Sure Seal ATV/UTV Drip Torch uses a 12V fuel pump that projects a flame stream up to 9.5 feet where needed for safe burning. The fuel pump features a pigtail for quick-connections, using the optional alligator clips or 12V DC adapter. The red powder-coated, 8-gallon steel tank features internal baffles to minimize fuel slosh during transport, a top wall that extends to protect the pump and other exposed components, and a fuel drain with shutoff valve for empty transport needs or long term storage.

The unit features two manual fuel shutoff valves: one at the wand and one on the tank top. The top shutoff can be reached easily from an ATV seat or by using the optional UTV Remote Shutoff Cable (sold separately). The long-reach 36˝ adjustable torch arm is designed to keep the flame at a safe distance while increasing the reach for superior coverage. The arm can articulate a full 180° in any of five positions to allow burning to either side, or directly behind the vehicle, and is spring-loaded to swing out of the way of obstructions. A welded, steel-reinforced pivot bracket prevents damage from rough terrain while rubber pads on the base provide stability and help dampen shocks. Pass-through slots on the top of the tank allow vehicle mounting with simple ratchet straps, or the optional quick-mount brackets (sold separately) can be used to secure the tank to the vehicle. For flexibility, pre-drilled holes in the base accept a truck mount bracket to hold a regular handheld drip torch. A snuffer tool is included to extinguish the igniter when burning is complete, and it includes three wrench slots cut into the handle to perform emergency repairs in the field.

The baseplate footprint is 34˝ L x 11.25˝ W x 13˝ H.
The welded drain valve will add 2˝ to the width (13.25˝ overall).
Weighs approximately 70LBS empty.

 Additional Accessories Kit - 
1 - Remote Shutoff Cable - 10' long cable attaches to fuel shutoff valve on top of the tank and allows for remote operation from the cab or front of your UTV as an emergency shutoff to stop fuel flow to the electric pump
1 - Set of Quick Mount Brackets - allow for fast installation or removal of the torch to a vehicle. Steel brackets include two pins each, washers and retention clips, and can be installed by drilling or welding in-place. Additional hardware will be required for bolt-on installations. Once installed, the torch can be quickly mounted or dismounted by removing the four retention clips.
1 - 10' Wire Assembly with 12V DC Adapter and Switch


Note: For professional use only. Training and fuel selection are the sole responsibility of the user.

Ships from manufacturer - estimated ship time is a week to 10 business days.

Style: Torch Unit W/Out Additional Accessories