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RTS - Rapid Transport Ice Rescue Sled

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The R.T.S. (Rapid Transport Sled) for ice rescue is the rescuer’s choice in ice extrication and victim care. The R.T.S. is precisely designed for ease of operation. The Rapid Transport Sled takes the rescuer out on the ice, through the water and back up on the ice. Through the years we have taken numerous suggestions from rescuers in terms of what they want in an extrication sled. The Rapid Transport Sled is a product developed from the fact that we are trainers and rescuers ourselves. We have shared the same experience on the ice, water and snow; with this experience and collaboration behind us, we have developed the R.T.S. a state of the art ice rescue extrication device. The R.T.S. is an all encompassing ice rescue sled that offers rescue ready tools within reach for rapid deployment efforts. After all, any successful rescue is all about time.

Rapid Transport Sled Features (SLED ONLY): 

  • Symmetrical design - simple and highly efficient
  • Foam Deck Pad
  • Over sized handles
  • Multiple Port Holes
  • Red and Blue bridles
  • Pro-Recon Sling attachment
  • 9-1-1 Pole channel
  • Ice Rescue Sling channel
  • Ice Awl wells – Both Ends
  • Finger Wells – Both Ends
  • Rescue Tether
  • Ice Runners
  • Snow and Ice Relief Channels
  • Multi Sled line channel
  • Sled cut outs for fin usage
  • Ice screw or light attachment
  • Made in America


  • Low profile design for windy conditions
  • Foam padding for victim care
  • Accessories attachments
  • Multiple victim capable
  • Easily righted, if flipped
  • In water ease of rescuer movements
  • Manufacturer product training available
  • Easy to operate
  • One rescuer capable
  • No set up or inflation
  • Easily stored in/on fire apparatus
  • Color coded attachments