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RescueTECH Steel Screwgate Carabiner

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Rescue Tech's newest general use carabiner. Design to meet the tough-use conditions met by Rescue Technicians. Forged, Heat-treated alloy steel construction with Gold Chromate corrosion protection. New in 2014 is the Keylock gate designed to prevent snagging of webbing or rope. The Angle Gate creates and almost 1.5" carabiner opening. The RD70 Carabiner is the first to combine both forged no-snag gate design with the wide opening angle gate. Note: The RD70 functions very well with the Gibbs Ascender but will not rotate through the Gibbs rigging hole. We recommend use of the ISC Rescue Ascender, CMI Ropewalker, or Petzl Rescuscender

  • Strength: 15,737 lbf.
  • WLL: 1,574 lbs.
  • Gate Opening: 1.25"
  • Dimensions: 4.85"x2.87"
Color: Black