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RescueTECH Fox Whistle

SKU RES22824692
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This is the one that changed the game! Standard choice for personal safety and rescue professionals worldwide.


  • The Fox 40® Classic™ is The Standard Choice Referees & Coaches at All Levels, Rescue Professionals & General Safety Worldwide
  • No Moving Parts to Freeze, Jam or Deteriorate
  • Flawless, Consistent & Reliable
  • The Harder You Blow, The Louder The Sound
  • Easy to Blow & Cannot be Overblown
  • Will be Heard Above Ambient Noise, Loud Crowds, The Roar of Engines, Breaking Waves & Thundering Gale-Force Winds
  • Chambers Are Designed to Self-Clear When Submerged in Water
  • Sound Will be Heard up to One Mile Away
  • 3-Chamber Pealess
  • 115 dB
Coil: Yes
Color: Yellow