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RAMFAN Battery Powered Blower

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Stay unplugged, indefinitely! Swappable battery packs with enhanced IP66 water jet protection to protect against the inevitable sweep of the fire hose. The ability to have extra packs ready to go removes the limitations of other battery fan concepts, leading towards full corded fan replacement on the fire ground. 8,939 CFM.

RAMFAN 40V Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

If you are searching for the best cordless PPV fan, nothing comes close to the RAMFAN EX50Li, powered by the latest Lithium Ion technology available.

RAMFAN® is the world leader in Battery Powered PPV technology, offering the most advanced solutions to firefighters around the globe. Our exclusive line of RAMFAN® Lithium-Ion battery packs provide up to twice the run-time and 5x more battery life than competing battery powered PPV fans. RAMFAN batteries deliver best in class performance in extreme conditions, with no memory effect.

Rapidly charge Li-Ion battery packs on the RAMFAN EUREX50Li or the RAMFAN external charger. Don't go through an entire shift with a non operational fan because the batteries are still charging, RAMFAN 40V Li-Ion batteries will fully charge in 4 hours.

Water Resistant

Water resistant to powerful jets to avoid short circuiting your fan by the accidental sweep of the hose. IP66 Rated Water Resistance:

  • 40V Li-Ion Battery Packs
  • E2 Controller
  • Brushless Motor

Integrated LEDs

400 Lumens of LED scene lights integrated into the shroud to illuminate the path in front of the blower. The energy efficient LEDs sip power, alleviating any concern of draining the batteries with the lights on. 

Euramco Brushless Motor

Instead of wearable brushes, Euramco Safety engineered an advanced brushless motor that has a longer motor life and longer run-time compared to traditional brushed motors with less maintenance.

Advantages of Brushless Motor

  • More Reliable
  • Last Longer
  • More Efficient

IntelliSense E2 Controller

IntelliSense™ E2 is exclusively available in RAMFAN blowers. Euramco’s latest generation of IntelliSense motor controller series, the E2 controller is tailor-made for firefighting and industrial operations. Its robust motor control algorithm is ideal for controlling motors in a broad range of industrial and firefighting, providing advanced capabilities and superior performance.

Includes: EUREL5500-2PK (115v) Blower With (2) Each EURR2-360-AH-U Batteries & Carrying Strap