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Pi-Lit Sequential LED Road Flare Kits

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The Ice Cream Sandwich “smart flare” incorporates a novel radio-linked network to automatically sequence the flash. Approaching vehicles see a sequential string of flares much like a runway landing “rabbit” that warns and guides traffic around the incident. Easy to deploy; single button press; an advance in traffic guidance & safety.

Small and rugged, perfect for Police, Fire, First Responders, Maintenance Crews, DOT Safety Workers, etc.ICS sequential flare is designed to replace traditional magnesium perchlorate flame flares. They are quick  and easy to deploy and provide warning plus directional information not available with flame or other flares on the market. The new rechargeable system is even more environmentally friendly and offers economical savings when compared to incendiary flares,


  • Uses an Accelerometer to Detect The Flare's Orientation. This Will Automatically Choose Which Set of LEDs to Flash. Flare in Horizontal Position (Lying on Ground), Side LEDs Will Flash. Vertical Position (Attached to Vehicle), Top LEDs Will Flash. This Can be Overridden.
  • Magnetic Base to Allow Mounting on Vehicles, Signs, Cones, etc. Mounting Flares on Back of Vehicle Creates an Effective Light Bar.
  • Lock The Flash to The Top LEDs When The Flares Are Lying Horizontally on The Ground & You Can Brightly illuminate a Traditional Core.
  • Five Flash Patterns to Choose From. Four Sequential patterns, One Simultaneous Pattern.
  • Battery Status Check With a Push of a Button. No Need to Unnecessarily Change Batteries! Ask The Flare Its' Battery State.
  • Reverse The Sequence Direction With a Push of a Button. From Any Flare, This Can be Done For Deployment so That You Can Drop The Last Flare in The Sequence First, Walk up Stream Towards Traffic, & Drop The First Flare in The Sequence Last.
  • "Endoskeleton" Carrying Case Allows For Quick & Safe Deployment/Retrieval of Flares. Leave The Flares Flashing While You Collect & Snap Them Onto The Case. The Flashing Flares in Your Hand Will Make You Still Visible to Traffic as You Return to Your Vehicle.

Rechargeable Specifications:

  • Powered By: Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Battery Life: 24-36 Hours Normal
  • Charge Time: 5 Hours From Depleted Battery
  • Power Adapters: Charge From Your Vehicle (12V DC) or Your Wall (110-220V AC)
  • Color: Orange Side LEDs With Red Top LEDs
  • Offered: In Sets of (10) Flares, (6) Flares, (4) Flares or Single Units
  • Includes: Flares With lithium Batteries Installed, Carrying Case/Charge Dock, Car Charger, Wall Charger
    Battery Option: Rechargeable
    Kit Size: Single Unit / Replaceable Flare