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PD-452 Emergency Fire Extinguisher Blanket

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The PD-452 is the ultimate solution for effective fire protection in any emergency situation. Engineered to withstand high temperatures up to 1076℉ or 580℃, this remarkable fire blanket meets the stringent EN-1869:1997 specifications for cooking fire suppression. Our design philosophy revolves around simplicity and ease of use, ensuring that deploying our product is hassle-free when every second counts.

Featuring user-friendly functionality, the PD-452 is a breeze to operate. Just pull down the tabs, extract the blanket from its pouch, and place it over the fire. No complex instructions or training is required. Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, our fire blanket leaves no chemical residue behind, making it a mess-free alternative. It effectively suffocates flames by cutting off the oxygen supply, providing a versatile solution for various settings such as kitchens, fireplaces, grills, cars, campsites, and workshops.

With the PD-452 fire blanket, fires can be swiftly extinguished before they escalate into uncontrollable situations. It effectively combats fires fueled by liquids, grease, and solid-state materials. Moreover, it eliminates the need for tedious clean-up after use, as there are no messy chemicals involved. Simply dispose of the blanket once it has been utilized, and you're good to go!


  1. Versatile Applications: This fire blanket serves as a reliable solution for both welding purposes and emergency survival situations.

  2. Non-Combustible Design: With a working temperature of 1076℉ or 580℃, it demonstrates exceptional resistance to combustion, ensuring enhanced safety.

  3. High-Density Fire-Resistant Fiberglass: The fire blanket is constructed using premium fiberglass cloth, known for its remarkable fire-resistant properties. This high-density material provides superior protection against flames.

  4. Easy to Deploy on Uneven Surfaces: Thanks to its compact structure and soft texture, the PD-452 fire blanket is exceptionally easy to cover uneven surfaces. This feature ensures effective fire suppression regardless of the terrain.

  5. Enhanced Thickness: Compared to other fire blankets, the PD-452 boasts a thicker design. This feature contributes to its increased durability and efficiency in extinguishing fires.

Specifications of the PD-452 Fire Blanket:

  • Material: Premium Fiberglass Cloth
  • Working Temperature: 1076℉ or 580℃
  • Type: Fire Suppression/Suffocation
  • Color: As depicted in pictures
  • Dimensions: 3ft x 5ft

Choose the PD-452 fire blanket for its exceptional versatility, non-combustible nature, high-density fire-resistant fiberglass, easy deployment on uneven surfaces, and enhanced thickness. Be well-prepared for welding tasks or emergency situations with this reliable and effective fire blanket.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x PD-452 Emergency Fire Extinguisher Blanket