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MPD (Multi-Purpose Device)

by CMC
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The MPD is a revolutionary tool that allows rescue and rope access professionals to transition from lowering to raising without changing hardware. It can be used as a lowering device on main and belay lines or twin tension systems, and then rapidly converted to a raising system without switching or replacing hardware. This combination of features in a single device reduces weight, simplifies training and on-scene rigging, expedites operations, and increases user safety. MPD Features

•Industry leading 88% hauling efficiency in a 1:1

•Functions as both a brake for lowering and a ratcheting pulley for raising.

•Variable-friction control for rescue systems and rappels.

•High-efficiency pulley with integrated rope locking mechanism.

•Built-in becket for more efficient rigging of pulley systems.

•Allows main and belay lines to be mirrored or twin-tensioned.

•Rapidly converts to retrieval line in confined space operations.

•Includes storage bag and user manual.

•Versions are available for 13 mm (1/2 in) rope (red body) and 11 mm (7/16 in) rope (slate body).

•11 mm version rated for Technical Use as a Descent Control Device and Belay

13 mm version designed for use with 12.5–13 mm rope. Rope used for certification rounded up to 13 mm per NFPA 1983. 1

1 mm version designed and tested with 11 mm rope. 11 mm version is NFPA-rated Technical Use for descent control and belay.

NFPA Rating (Pulley): General Use 3 Sigma MBS Pulley: 49 kN (11,015 lbf)


Size: 13 mm
Color: Red