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MJD Oxygen Cylinder

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$130.00 - $135.00
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MERET® oxygen cylinders are manufactured in the USA to meet or exceed DOT 3AL and TC 3ALM requirements. Cylinders are constructed from lightweight, high-strength aluminum 60610T6 alloy, have a clear powder coat protective finish, and green neck to indicate oxygen. Cylinders have a 0.750-16 UNF-2B thread size and are shipped standard with a CGA870 post valve or optional CGA870 toggle valve for easy operation. MJD (Jumbo D or M22) cylinders are designed with a 5 year hydrostatic test capacity and a filling pressure of 2216 PSI. The MJD cylinder has an O2 capacity of 22 cu ft (623 L), and measures 16.5” x 4.38” without the valve. 

All cylinders are shipped empty.


  • Manufactured in USA
  • DOT 3AL and TC 3ALM approved
  • Clear powder coat protective finish
  • Green neck
  • Includes CGA870 post or optional toggle valve
Style: Post Valve