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Max-Air 90 SFD Air Compressor

by Max-Air
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The most compact and light wright 6,000 psi high pressure breathing air compressor on the market today. Designed for high air demand, at a fast rate. Designed specifically for fire departments, large dive centers, military and commercial applications.

Standard Features:

  • 6,000 PSI With 4:1 Safety Factor
  • Disposable Tri-Chem Breathing Air Purification System 
  • Electric 7.5 HP, Single Phase 208/230 Volt Ac or Three Phase 208/230/460 Volt AC - Available In 60 Hz or 50 Hz
  • Self Tensioning Drive Belt
  • Deluxe, Conveniently Located (UL Listed®) Main Electrical Control Panel With Locking Door
  • Magnetic Starter
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Step Down Fused Transformer
  • 2 Timers & Relays
  • Deluxe Interstage Gauge Panel With Stainless Steel Gauges
  • All Seamless Stainless Steel Hard Plumbing Throughout (No Plastic Flexline Used)
  • Automatic And Manual Condensate Purge, Drain System With Muffled 4 LT. Liquid Collector
  • External Condensate Collector Level Sight Window
  • Automatic Off/Auto Switch, Will Automatically Refill Cascade, as Needed
  • Final Automatic Shut Off Pressure Switch
  • Emergency Stop, Mushroom Type Push Button
  • Digital Hour Counter
  • Low Oil Shut Down Switch With Fault Indicator Light
  • High Temperature Shut Down Switch on Final Stage With Fault Indicator Light
  • Carbon Monoxide/Moisture Visual Indicator Mounted on Gauge Panel
  • External Oil Level Sight Glass Indicator With Oil Drain Valve
  • Pressure Safety Relief Valve at All Stages
  • Dual Purified Air Outlets, One For Direct Fill & One For Cascade
  • Locking Main Access Door & Electric Control Panel
  • Fully Enclosed, Duracoat Powder Coated, Sound Attenuated Cabinet With Easylift Access Door For Maintenance
  • Furnished With Two (2) Each Fill Hose Assy For SCBA or SCUBA Cylinder Fill Valves With On/Off & Bleeder Valve
  • One Year Warranty
  • Dimensions: Length 48¾” X Depth 28” X Height 36”
  • Weight: 500 LBS

Factory Options:

  • Purification Upgrade to 79,000 CFT of Grade “E” Breathing Air @ 72F (146 Hours)
  • Electronic Carbon Monoxide Monitor With Shut Down Feature
  • Electronic Cartridge Life Sensor With Shut Down Feature
  • Electronic Moisture Monitor With Shut Down Feature