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Laerdal StifNeck Collar

Original price $7.00 - Original price $350.00
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$7.00 - $350.00
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The Laerdal Stifneck Select is four different collars in one easily adjustable, fully assembled collar! Just measure the patient, select the size, adjust, and lock in four simple steps! This collar fits all adult patients and delivers the same superior immobilization you expect from all Stifneck collars. The collar is sold in both Adult and Pediatric sizes. 

The Adult Adjustable Collar Features:

  • Locks Ensure Selected Sizes Stay in Place
  • Adjustment Tracks Ensure Symmetrical Alignment of Size
  • Uses The Same Sizing & Application Method as The Original Stifneck Collars
  • Easy Access For Pulse Checks, Advanced Airway Procedures, & Visualization Through Oversized Trachea Hole
  • Room For Large Fingers to Slide Through The Rear Panel Opening For Cervical Palpation
  • Directions Molded Into Collar
  • Reduces Inventory Costs & Saves Space
  • Radiolucent, MRI & CT Scan Compatible

The Pediatric Adjustable Collar Features:

  • Pink Velcro® Strap For Easy Identification
  • Enhanced Design to Meet The Specific Anatomical Features of Children
  • Improved Sizing to Fit a Wider Range of Pediatric Patients
  • Stronger Oxygen Mask / Nasal Cannula Hooks For Securing Supplemental Oxygen Devices
  • Industry First, Integrated Fastener For Velcro Strap to Enhance Performance in Varying Environmental Conditions
  • Oversized Tracheal & Back Panel Openings For Advanced Airway Management & Ongoing Cervical Assessment
  • Same Easy Sizing & Application Method as The Adult Collar
Size: Adult / Individual