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Kussmaul Pump Plus - 2000 PLC Kit

SKU KUS53-21-1100
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The Pump Plus kit includes a charger, a display and an auto pump. This kit provides a complete vehicle charging system at an affordable price.

Kussmaul Pump Plus 2000 PLC

  • Charger Output: 12 Volts, D.C.
  • Output Current: 15 Amperes Maximum
  • Voltage Sense: Remote, Electronic, no Sense Wires Required
  • Battery Saver: Output Voltage: 12 Volts D.C.
  • Output Current: 3 Amperes Maximum
  • Power Indicator: Indicates Input Power Applied
  • Battery Saver Overload Indicator: Indicates Battery Saver Load Exceeds 3 Amperes
  • Charger Output Indicator: Remotely Located Bar Graph Display, Indicates State of Charge Condition of Battery
  • Warranty 3 Years

Kussmaul Dual Bar Graph Display

Kussmaul Auto Pump 12 Volt

  • 100 PSI Max Rating, 12V, 11A
  • Vehicle Mount Compressor Ensures Truck Air Brake System is Properly Pressurized For Immediate Dispatch From Station
  • Pressure Switch Regulated Operation Automatically Senses Low Pressure in Air System & Restores Proper Pressure, Preventing Brake Lock-Up
  • No Interference With Engine Mounted Air Compressor
  • Factory Set PSI Actuation Points: 75 "On", 95 "Off" With Adjustment Differential 20 PSI
  • Sealed Ball Bearings For Long Service Life
  • Compact Size
  • 1 Year Warranty