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Junkin Stretcher Flotation Collar

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The Stretcher Flotation Collar by Junkin Safety Appliance Company is designed for use with all Junkin JSA-300 series of basket/splint stretchers to provide flotation during patient handling in water. Easily attached with hook and loop type fasteners to any Stokes type stretcher. Flotation bats are Dow Etha Foam and covered in nylon. It weighs only 3 lbs. and is available in orange color. 


  • Designed For Use With All Junkin JSA-300 Series of Basket/splint Stretchers
  • Provides Flotation During Patient Handling in Water
  • Easily Attached With Hook & Loop Type Fasteners to Any Stokes Type Stretcher
  • Flotation Bats Are Dow Etha Foam & Covered in Orange Colored Nylon