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Indian Smokechaser Pro w/ Standard Pump

SKU DBS190514
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Designed to offer the most comfort in the most grueling conditions of fire control. Equipped with the all-brass Fedco pump that is approved by the US Forest Service, the Smokechaser Pro also features a heavy-duty, flexible bladder that forms to the user’s back when filled and is protected within a durable nylon bag; a 4 cap with integrated handle grips for easy filling and handling; heavily padded, adjustable shoulder straps for optimum comfort; padded lumbar and belt; a large pocket for storing tools, nozzles, and more; an extra pocket across the bag’s bottom that will even hold a shelter tent; and a side pocket for storage of brass pump. The Smokechaser Pro collapses and folds up when not in use. 5 Gallon Capacity.

BEST dual bag tank w/ multiple pockets. 

MODEL 190514