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IMMI SmartDock SCBA Holder

SKU IMMF103150
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When seconds count, you don’t want to waste them fighting with your gear. With SmartDock the preferred, hands-free SCBA holder for firefighters, there are no straps or levers to slow you down. In a collision, the top claws clamp down, preventing the SCBA from becoming a projectile. Engineered to fit most SCBAs, SmartDock can also be retrofitted to a wide variety of seats.


  • Hands-Free SCBA Bracket
  • No Straps or Levers 
  • In a Collision, The Top Claws Clamp Down, Preventing The SCBA From Becoming a Projectile
  • Engineered to Fit Most SCBA's
  • SmartDock Can be Retrofitted to a Wide Variety of Seats