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See through smoke, fog even in total darkness! HyperSight is a Driver Vision Enhancement, Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) that can be vehicle-mounted in order to easily identify hotspots and address areas more prone to rekindle. 

Imagine the possibilities, when smoke doesn't hinder vision, when hot-spots are not hidden in charred earth, when complete darkness doesn't limit your ability to perform.  When you can see beyond. 

Identify, attack the most critical locations along the fire edge using HyperSight, the rugged vehicle mounted TIC that lets you see beyond.  Faster, more accurate decision making shortens the life span of a fire, protects property, relieves communities and can save lives. 

With the ability to see heat, emergency responders easily identify hot-spots and address areas prone to rekindle.  Locate fellow firefighter in environments completely obscured by smoke, preventing accidents and keeping people and equipment in service when they're needed the most.  HyperSight can light the way to safety, lead the way to rescue or simply help you save someone's home.