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Hurst eDRAULIC EXL Battery

SKU HUR272085410
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That’s right, count ‘em 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 Ah. That means our eDRAULIC tools deliver day-saving power up to an entire one-hour rescue operation. Plus, they easily change out in seconds and can be used with all eDRAULIC tools, including the first eDRAULIC generation.


  • 5 Ah Capacity Delivers Twice as Much Operating Time as Our Previous Battery
  • Tool Housing Protects The Battery Against Moisture & Dirt With an IP54 Protection Class
  • Full Battery Performance Down to -20°F
  • Charge Level Visible During Use With The Push of a Button
  • Less Self-Discharge Means The Battery Will Still be at Full Power After Six Months