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Hose Vice 200 w/ Seatbelt Buckles

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This Hose Vise 200 with seatbelt buckles offers the same features as the original, but incorporates automotive seat belt buckles in place of the standard plastic buckles. The hose strap features an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that is long enough for a firefighter to carry the hose bundle across the body, for better balance. Molded handles have been incorporated into the ends of the four straps to allow two firefighters to carry hose. Four reflective web straps with automotive seat belt buckles secure the hose.

The overall length is 35” and each reflective strap has an adjustable circumference range of 20”- 38”. Capacity is 150’- 200’ of 1 3/4” hose (as shown). 3M™ reflective trim has been added to each strap to increase visibility.