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Great Wall of Rescue - Grain Rescue

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The Great Wall of Rescue was designed to be adaptable to a multitude of grain entrapment rescue scenarios. 
The lightweight wall sections are easily maneuvered by rescuers and can be aligned to form a wall, a tube, or other irregular shapes depending on the rescue situation.  Panels are available in a silver/mill finish or Tuff Kote red finish.  Both finishes promote smooth and easy panel connection and insertion into grain.  Each panel weighs 20 lbs. and is 16” wide x 5’ long.
Specialty Ball-and-Socket Joint:
The anodized ball-and-socket panel joints ensure smooth panel connection and are resistant to jamming during assembly.  The ball-and-socket joint is specially designed to have a range of movement, adding to the variability in constructing irregular shapes.  
Insertion Step:
The Insertion Step has two purposes: pressing panels into grain and assisting a victim with climbing out of the grain. In cases where high moisture or high FM grain make wall insertion difficult, a rescuer can use all their body weight on the step to press the panels into the grain. The step can also be used on the interior to assist victims in climbing out of the grain if they are able.  The insertion step is constructed to be VERY durable.
Extraction Pipe:
The pipe is slid through two of the panel handholds in the top of the panels and can act as a handle for the victim, and to assist in extracting panels out of the grain when the rescue is complete.
Rescuer Platforms:
The included platforms provide a sturdy base for rescue workers to stand on during a grain extrication. The platforms prevent rescuers from sinking into the grain and decreases sidewall pressure on the wall/tube. Four lightweight 12”x24” poly platforms are included with each rescue set.
Carrying Case:
Keep your Great Wall of Rescue in great condition by storing your entire system in the heavy-duty carrying case. The case can accommodate up to 8 panels. Interior straps keep panels and all accessories secure. Stores upright or laying down. 6 handles make it easy for two people to transport.  Dimensions: 62" L x 22" H x 18" W
Optional JPZ Rescue Auger:
The Rescue Auger is designed to be used in grain bin/elevator rescue situations. The Rescue Auger is used to auger out grain quicker than scooping to quickly free the trapped victim. The Rescue Auger is designed to be used with a grain rescue tube. Once the tube is secure around the victim, the Rescue Auger can be placed in the tube and quickly expel the unwanted grain. 
The Rescue Auger is powered by any ½” power drill. The Rescue Auger weighs in at only 26 lbs. and can expel grain at 1.5 bushels/minute. Easy to use with a variety of grain - corn, wheat, milo, soybeans - the Rescue Auger is a necessity for any, and every, grain rescue kit.  
Item Basic Package Supreme Package
Wall Panels (Silver/Mill or Red Tuff Kote) 6 8
Insertion Step 1 1
Extrication Pipe 1 1
Rescuer Platform 4 4
Carrying Case 1 1
Probng Rod 1 1
Style: Basic - Tuff Kote