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FRC Mansaver Safety Bar

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The ManSaver™ is a safety bar that can be mounted across walk-through openings on pumpers or on the turntable of aerial devices to help prevent an accidental fall.

The ManSaver™ is spring loaded so that it always returns to a horizontal position. There are no hooks to latch or harnesses to buckle. This clever design helps insure that the walk-through will always be protected as firefighters do not have to waste time closing or latching anything behind them. To enter, push the ManSaver™ in or up. To exit, simply lift it.


  • Constructed With Aluminum Extrusion & Aluminum Bronze Castings, so it Does Not Rust
  • Covered With a Heavy Layer of Foam & a Tough Yellow Rip-Stop Vinyl Outer Covering
  • Used on Fire Apparatus, Recycling Vehicles, in Manufacturing & Power Plants Along Catwalks, at Toll Booth Plazas
  • Available in 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26",28" 30", 32",34" or 36" Lengths


  • Knuckle is Aluminum Bronze With Stainless 70-4PH Pins.
  • Bar Itself is of Extruded Aluminum
  • Various Screws Are Seated With Loctite 290
  • Padding is Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam
  • Covering is 13 oz. Rip Stop Vinyl, Secured to The Bar With an Epoxy That Contains Epoxy Resins Amine hardeners
Size: 14"