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Fol-Da-Tank Supply Line Holder

Original price $253.00 - Original price $644.00
Original price
$253.00 - $644.00
Current price $335.00

Couples supply hose securely to any framed portable water tank. Attach the supply hose end to the threaded end of the unit. Then place the clamp over the support frame of the wall of the portable tank and then tighten the clamp to the tank wall. The unit is very lightweight and durable.


  • Added Filling Source
  • Minimizes Waste & Turbulence
  • Frees Up Manpower For Other Important Duties
  • Recirculation - Maintains Prime & Cools The Pump
  • Fill From a Distance - Relay Pump From a Water Source to The Dump Tanks When Shuttling is Feasible
  • Aluminum Casting
  • NH & Storz Available
  • Pump Tested to 200 PSI For Single Supply Line Holder
  • Round or Square Housing Designs Available
    (NFPA 1142 Compliant)

NH or NST = (National Hose Thread) or (National Standard Thread) - Both Are The Same Thread. STORZ = Quarter-Turn or Sexless Coupling Commonly Used to Connect to Fire Hydrants. Has no Male or Female Ends & The Lugs Are Inside of The Port 

Size: 2.5" - Single