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Fol-Da-Tank Single Lane Tank Max

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SLT Max™ is the only portable tank available that delivers maximum capacity with a narrow footprint and still fits in a standard side mounted manual tank rack or Zico® rack.  The bladder not only greatly increases storage capacity, but also boosts the efficiency of the optional built in strainer creating a vacuum which allows you to draft down to 1.5″ of water before drawing air.  Available with one or two bladder extensions.  The SLT Max™ can turn a standard size frame tank into a giant capacity tank for large scale industrial fires, or a 2500 gallon tank with only 8’3″ wide footprint which will not impede traffic flow or hang off the shoulder. 

22oz Vinyl 


US gallons

Open Dimensions w/o bladder

ft (L x W x H)

Open Dimensions

ft (L x W x H)

Closed Dimensions

ft (L x W x H)

1000/2500 8’3”x8’3”x29” 8’3”x22’3”x29” 8’3”x12”x29”
1500/3500 10’3”x10’3”x29” 10’3”x24’8”x29” 10’3”x12”x29”
2100/5000 11’3”x11’3”x29” 11’3”x26’3”x29”





US Gallons: 1000/2500
Color: Black