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Fol-Da-Tank Float Dock Strainer

Original price $368.00 - Original price $901.00
Original price
$368.00 - $901.00
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The Float Dock strainer is a valuable piece of equipment that can save the day in many fire fighting situations. Float Dock lets you use the water in ponds or streams, both shallow and deep. Because it operates below scum and debris and above sand and muck, it screens out the materials that wear out impellers, packing and bearings. Since Float Dock strainers are self-leveling, there are no whirlpools or suction loss. The Float Dock drafts in as little as 5" depth without any whirlpool or loss of suction. For Deep Drafting it drafts from a few inches below surface where water is clean. Hose weight tilts strainer position while float remains level. Each unit is fully guaranteed.

  • Swivel NH Female or Storz Outlet

NH or NST = (National Hose Thread) or (National Standard Thread) - Both Are The Same Thread

STORZ = Quarter-Turn or Sexless Coupling Commonly Used to Connect to Fire Hydrants. Has no Male or Female Ends & The Lugs Are Inside of The Port 

Size: 1.5" NH Female