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Flamefighter Fire Flapper

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Used for smothering fires in grass, straw, weeds, and small brush.

A flapper is a wildland firefighting tool that is also called a swatter or a beater. It is designed for extinguishing minor fires in rural areas. A flapper is built with a long handle which allows firefighters to stand well back from the fire.


  • The rubber flexible flapper beats the air away from the flames, smothering the fire.

  • The fire is attacked from the wind-side by lightly swatting out the flames or glows with the thick flap.

  • When the flapper hits the ground oxygen supply to the fire is stopped and the fire will be extinguished.

  • Where ground cover is short, the flapper can be dragged along the fire edge to smother the fire.

  • Be careful, if used too hard, it can actually add more oxygen to the fire causing the fire to spread.

  • It is often recommended to also hose water on the area, as there will always be a risk of it flaring up later.

  • 60” Long Fiberglass handle