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FLAIM Trainer

by Darley
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Deeper learning

FLAIM Trainer™ combines high fidelity virtual fire environments with real time physical interfaces to deliver the feels real virtual training experience, any place, any time in a safe cost effective manner that safely prepares firefighters for the risks associated with fighting fires.

FLAIM Trainer enables the trainer to take the live fire training ground into the classroom With a set-up time of less than 15 minutes training firefighters in risk awareness, hazard anticipation and fire suppression tactics is made simple by FLAIM’s proprietary fully immersive learning approach

The Science of Fire

Algorithms that replicate fire and reaction FLAIM’s proprietary virtual fire behavior technology was developed by comprehensive modeling of the interaction and variability of fire, smoke, water, air with different combustibles in a virtual environment. This technology ensures that the virtual fire reacts, progresses and mimics real world live fires.

Over a decade of experience modelling FLAIM's research and development team leverages over 10 years of experienced third level and PhD researchers modeling real-time fire behavior in 3D virtual reality environments. FLAIM's VR software operates at high fidelity frame rates to eliminate motion sickness.