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F-500 Extinguisher

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The F-500 EA® Fire Extinguisher provides unmatched incipient fire protection in a small package. This 2 ½-gallon stainless steel unit is ideal for handling Class A or Class B fires. F-500 EA® is effective on a variety of fuels, including gasoline, oil, ethanol, and the ethanol-blended fuels we use in cars today. Utilizing NFPA 18A recognized Encapsulator Technology, the F-500 EA® Fire Extinguisher can also be used for hydrocarbon spill control.  Instead of spreading absorbent, which becomes flammable after application, the F-500 EA® solution can render fuel nonflammable and nonignitable.  A single F-500 EA® Fire Extinguisher could easily encapsulate a half-gallon fuel spill in minutes, making it a perfect solution for smaller spills.

Only extinguishers meeting NTA 8133 requirements, such as F-500 EA®, may use the NTA 8133 marking. This Dutch standard is the first publication that deals with lithium-ion batteries, applying to smartphones, laptops, drones, e-bikes, and more. The F-500 EA® Fire Extinguisher is available with our signature European Water Mist hose and nozzle assembly that has been third-party tested on small scale lithium-ion battery fires up to 3,400 Wh, far exceeding the NEN NTA 8133 minimum of 600 Wh.

F-500 EA® Recharge Kits are available to easily prepare your extinguisher for the next fire or spill. Simply remove the head assembly, pour in the contents of a 10-ounce F-500 EA® bottle and 2 ½ gallons of water before screwing the head assembly back on and pressurizing.

Style: Extinguisher | Misting Wand